NWADO is a network of  Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)  working in the North West region of Cameroon. .Created in 2006, NWADO serves as the voice of North West Civil Society.We play a critical role in advocacy which enable us communicate circumstances of disadvantage persons and communities to decision makers for action.

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Promoting democratic institutions, engaging in public policy issues, human rights and the role of law, more over promoting peaceful co existence among different actors is highly critical to our work. NWADO brings together state, Civil Society, private sector, media and academic community towards positive regional development.

With a broad based membership of organizations, Our members are currently grouped into six thematic areas to facilitate joint initiatives such project development and implementation, training, learning and experience sharing, advocacy and effective utilization of the networks expertise

Our members are grouped in the following seven broad thematic areas.

1) Environment

2) Agriculture

3) Health

4) Sociology-Economic Empowerment

5) Education

6) Human Rights / Gender


We invite you to browse out site to learn more about NWADO and the life-changing work our members carry out.

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